Wednesday, April 30, 2014

kitchen islands now come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One of these might be just right for your home

Blue Islands 

An addition to this home made room for a second island and an eating area. The walkway between the islands is aligned with the refrigerator and freezer to make cold storage accessible. Matching light fixtures bring light to the island work areas.

English Lessons 

Because the kitchen is open to the dining and living rooms, the homeowners chose a formal look that features painted cabinetry with inset drawers, beaded details, and glass knobs. At the far end, a built-in hutch holds dishware opposite the breakfast table.

Cabin Casual 

The centerpiece of this kitchen is the 5-1/2-x-5-1/2-foot island which serves as the main food-prep area. Thanks to a generous 15-inch overhang on each side, the island can also seat up to eight guests for casual meals.

Cottage Modern

Open shelves at one end of this island are a handy place to keep cookbooks. Seating for four was arranged opposite the range with enough overhang so stools can be pushed underneath. The island is lit with three pendant lights overhead.

Kitchen Recycled 

The kitchen cabinetry is a freestyle gathering of recycled pieces, blended under and over a stone-look countertop. The salvaged store display case is home to a changing display of china and collectibles. It has been raised on furniture feet to normal counter height.

Fresh Vibe 

A peninsula work area helps set off the baking area from the stove. The assertive color of the cabinets meant that the chartreuse could stand on its own on a fairly straightforward cabinet design.

Warm Green Kitchen 

A tiled counter tops this island created with painted cabinetry in a soft shade of green. The cooktop was installed flush with the tile to make cleanup a breeze.

Three Crows for Roosters

A two-level island incorporates work areas, seating, wine storage, and display. The higher counter helps hide kitchen clutter from the adjoining room.

Cherry and Granite Glow

The hardworking island is 9 1/2 feet long and features a two-level speckled-granite countertop. The upper-level serving and eating bar is higher to accommodate bar stools, while the lower level includes the kitchen's main sink.
Baskets are storage workhorses. They provide easy organization solutions plus they're stylish and can add warmth to any room in the house.

Grab a Seat 

Create an entryway bench from a coffee table, seat cushions, and a catchall basket. Use the basket to collect keys, mail, books, and other items that pile up by the door. The large basket gives the area a polished look without requiring a lot of organization from the homeowners.

 Baskets in a Row 

Open shelves do more than create a fashionable presentation, they also ensure often-used items are easy to access. Identical baskets are perfect for organizing linens and other kitchen items.

Casual Style 

Woven side chairs, a slipcovered sofa, and crisp white draperies give this living room a casual look. Baskets round out the decor by repeating the texture from the side chairs and bamboo shades. The baskets also add storage to the coffee table.

Underbed Storage 

Create an instant linen closet with a large woven basket. Stack sheets, pillowcases, and extra blankets in lidded baskets that you can stash under the bed. Prevent scratching floors or snagging carpets by adding stick-on furniture sliders.

Task-It Baskets 

Organize household files with flair by trading a clunky metal file cabinet for a woven lidded chest. Be sure the basket's inside measurements will fit your letter- or legal-size files. The interior measurement of this chest is 12x12 inches. To securely hang letter or legal-size files inside, add an adjustable hanging file frame from an office supply store.

Control Station

Corral coffee table runaways with a basket organizer. This simple basket is stylish enough to sit out on the table and it keeps everything in one spot so when you want to change the channel, you'll always know where to find the remote. Look for a basket with compartments, like a utensil organizing basket.

Kitchen Counter Basket

Use a shallow basket to organize cooking oils and spices. Line the bottom of the basket with a metal cookie sheet to making cleaning up inevitable spills easier

 Kitchen Helper 

Baskets can be helpful for organizing kitchen supplies. Place a basket with handles on a pull-out drawer for easy access to contents. Use one basket for different kinds of tea and another for baking supplies.

Wall Decor 

Baskets can be part of your wall decor. In this bathroom, a wire basket adds architectural interest and towel storage above the toilet.

Storage Meets Decor

In the bathroom, storage solutions are often part of the display. Matching woven white baskets hold supplies and coordinate with the bathroom's color palette. X-shape open shelves and glass-front cabinet doors add architectural interest to the vertical storage.

Tidy Shelves

Keep your bookshelves in check with baskets and bins. Use baskets to corral loose items, such as fabric samples, paint swatches, and project folders. Add labels to each basket to identify its contents and give your shelves more personality. To make labels, attach gift tags to each basket with ribbon and use rub-on alphabet decals.

Hamper Basket

Does throwing bed pillows on the floor every night make you cringe? Toss pillows in a wicker hamper at bedtime to help keep them clean and off the floor.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The color green can give any kitchen a fresh face and a new attitude.
 Hopefully you get new ideas to beautify your Kitchen in the house. I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Kitchen in Greens and Golds

Like leaves turning colors in early autumn, this kitchen combines greens, golds, and browns into a nature-inspired palette. A bright green finish makes the cabinets and island stand out against their brown counterparts. Painting the upper cabinets' beaded-board backs the same shade of green creates a dramatic spot for displaying white pottery. The variegated subway tile backsplash features earth tones that draw the cabinets, woodwork, and hardwood floor into a harmonious whole.

Peppy Green

Vibrant chartreuse cabinets make a dramatic statement in a kitchen that begins with sterile white walls. Stainless-steel appliances and glossy gray granite countertops add polish, while a striped banquette in the corner injects tropical flair. The room is grounded with richly stained hardwood planks.

Pistachio-Green Kitchen 

Pistachio-green cabinetry with a distressed finish and detailed moldings makes this kitchen look as though it could be original to this 90-year-old home. Subtly patterned wallpaper and granite countertops in tone-on-tone beige add a sense of luxury while letting the cabinetry take center stage. The arched valance over the sink mimics the arched limestone range hood on the opposite wall. Both display creamy tones that suit the room's soothing color palette.

Seafoam-Green Kitchen 

As refreshing as a dip in the ocean, this kitchen pairs seafoam-green cabinets with a white floor and accessories for a simple cottage look. White dishes and serving pieces stand out against a matching painted-green beaded-board backdrop. Stainless-steel appliances add a subtle gleam, while a red brick backsplash adds color and texture. To perfect your cottage kitchen, keep in mind that cottage style embraces pastels, so add pale yellow and blue accessories at will.

Key Lime Kitchen 

Key lime-glazed subway tile makes a vibrant background for a dramatic stainless-steel range hood and massive white island in this open kitchen. Additional infusions of the verdant hue include a deep green granite countertop, green-and-white polka-dot chairs, and fresh green accessories. Orange accents add an energetic buzz.

Soft Green Kitchen 

Simple and classic, this kitchen features soft green Shaker-style cabinets paired with honed black granite countertops and unobtrusive brass hardware. Accessorizing the green cabinets with browns and tans -- from the focal-point mural and woven shades to the hardwood floor -- adds an earthy personality. A white subway tile backsplash with dark groutlines adds the look of age.

Farmhouse Green 

Mixed cabinetry finishes, rustic ceiling beams, and a furniture-style island give this earthy kitchen a farmhouse quality that belies its real age (circa 1990s). Mossy greens and browns -- inspired by a wooded rural setting -- give the cabinets a distressed finish, as if layers of paint had been applied over time. The sink base wears a rich brown wood finish, as do the maple countertops. An apron-front soapstone sink adds to the classic farmhouse flavor.

Contemporary Chartreuse

Sleek and angular, this contemporary kitchen blends chartreuse cabinetry with a coal-black granite countertop and backsplash for dramatic results. A translucent shade offers privacy without obstructing the sunlight entering the room. Stainless-steel fixtures and hardware add sparkle.

Eclectic Citrus Kitchen

Bright citrus colors -- green, yellow, and orange -- turn this simple kitchen into a tropical gathering place. White Carrara marble countertops, black-painted cabinetry, and a neutral grasscloth wall covering keep the bright colors from becoming overwhelming. Ribbed-glass pendants above the island add a hint of sparkle.

Tiled in Green

This wraparound arrangement of white cabinets and open shelving gets its earthy personality from a tile backsplash in variegated greens. The all-wood island and hardwood floor complement the tiles' naturalistic tints and shades. Black granite countertops offer a strong presence that contrasts without detracting from the tile's artful presence.

Pop of Orange 

Soft shades of green and gray give this simple kitchen its restful personality. White woodwork and cabinetry allow the sage-green walls to pop, while the gray-painted island sits serenely in the center of the action. Bright orange stool cushions and a patterned area rug add splashes of color.

Green Granite

Varying shades of green take their cue from the granite countertops in this kitchen. Watery glass tiles and a cool green wall combine with creamy white trim to create a sophisticated and elegant look. Reflective surfaces lighten the space.

Just a Hint of Green 

Color emphasizes the angular shapes in this contemporary kitchen. From the ceiling's sage green to the slate backsplash accented with glass tile squares to the granite-topped island, green is the way to go. Its cool qualities allow the warm mix of honey- and cherry-stained maple cabinetry to pop.

Cottage Comfort

White cabinets with beaded-board door panels establish the cottage look of this light, bright kitchen. But the sea green island and subway tile backsplash give the room a more colorful personality. Plus, its painted beaded-board surface celebrates every curve of the white vintage-style barstools. A warmly stained hardwood floor and beige granite countertops add neutral strength to the pretty palette.
If you are looking for quiet and relaxation after a hard day's work, the comfortable and clean bedroom is all you're looking for.
Contemporary Bedroom is a comfortable place with simple furniture and beautiful colors . i hope you like this collection of contemporary bedroom : Enjoy !!

Floor-to-Ceiling Simplicity 

This well-lit room with floor-to-ceiling windows is the perfect space for contemporary design. Simple bedding pops with colorful pillows in different textures. A sleek partition wall in a neutral shade keeps the bed space separate from the rest of the room.

Pillow Talk 

In this room, contemporary furnishings mix with timeworn artwork. On the bed, a plethora of pillows and a down comforter bring comfy contrast to the bed's sharp edges. Above the headboard, a ledge allows for a unique display of artwork.

Calming Retreat 

Contemporary doesn't have to be bold. For a pared-down modern look like this, choose furniture pieces with simple lines and neutral colors. Unique lamps on the bedside tables provide additional modern flair.

Class and Comfort 

In this pleasantly unassuming master suite, beige tones are offset with rich wood and bold blue pillows, while a mahogany divider grounds the bed and partitions off the sitting room.

Modern Canopy 

This contemporary bedroom gets a shot of personality and interest from a repeating pattern of boxes and squares. Wall niches, built-in bookshelves, and a metal canopy bed each include geometric shapes. Canopy draperies are made of striped fabric hung from tabs.

Wall of Windows 

A wall of draperies calls attention to the focal-point bed with an extra-high headboard, plump pillows, and striking geometric throw. Nearby, matching contemporary lamps sit atop similar, yet different, night tables in dark wood.

Twist of Lime 

Dark chocolate walls outlined with white moldings reinforce the geometry of the furnishings. A rectangular bed, striped bedding, squared-off nightstands, and angular lampshades are offset only by a handful of rounded elements.

Brown Beauty

Dark walls make all the difference in this contemporary space. White feminine bedding is offset by lime green fabric accents throughout the rest of the room. A built-in bookshelf displays modern accessories and hides personal belongings. A retro-inspired chair in front of the window completes the look.

Color Coordination

Contemporary style is a display of beautiful contrasts in both texture and color. This room focuses both on bold color and the basics of line, shape, and form that are signature to contemporary design.

Black and White All Over

Black and white is a popular contemporary decorating trend. This black-and-white duo is both flirty and sophisticated. Two floor-length mirrors complement the black wood-framed bed and highlight two glass chandeliers. Above the bed, three floating shelves allow for space to display photographs or other favorite accessories.
Bedroom is the place you are looking for comfort, calm and tranquility , 
With this sets of distinctive bedrooms that are simple and elegant designs , You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing  Bedroom , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Color Happy

Like an artist's canvas waiting to be painted, the white walls in this bedroom extended an invitation to play with color. Pale green-and-lavender bed linens and orange geometric accent pillows answer the call. Metallic footstools and a seashell chandelier add formal touches that are balanced by textural bamboo blinds.

Dressed to the Nines

Perfect design lives where comfort intersects with style. This sumptuous bed is dressed with layer upon layer of beautiful bedding, each softer and loftier than the last. It's hard to imagine tossing and turning in this luxurious retreat

Soaring Heights 

Small windows in this bedroom are cleverly disguised with floor-length draperies. The white panels accentuate the crown molding while blending with the window trim, so the eye sweeps from ceiling to floor without stopping. A four-poster helps the eye to travel upward.

Center Stage 

This multilevel master bedroom is stately and refined. The light gray walls beautifully complement the yellow floral textiles, and the towering windows add plenty of light and drama.

Flea Market Chic

With mix-and-match (well, mostly mix) flea market treasures, this room exudes a level of sophistication well beyond its pedigree. Simple walls showcase the worn finishes of the vintage furniture and make each item stand out as special.

Understated Luxury

Sophisticated furniture and a neutral palette give this room an undertone of opulence, while the angled bed and large-scale accents add a bit of drama.

Four-Post Presence 

The large poster bed is the attention-grabber in this pale master suite. The easiest way to create drama in a smaller room is to choose one beautiful overscale piece of furniture and let it take charge.

East Meets West

The geometry and proportion of this bedroom's furnishings spring straight from Asian design, but the rustic wood surfaces and faux-suede bed give off a cool cowboy vibe.

Sage Sanctuary

The monochromatic window treatments, headboard, and walls offer a serene backdrop to the simple white linens and accessories in this restful retreat.

 Simple and Chic 

Vapor-blue walls create a soothing atmosphere in this discreetly feminine master suite. Eclectic furnishings, both vintage and modern, transform the room into a personal haven.

Warm Palette

With a generously proportioned sleigh bed and high bombe chests, this bedroom becomes a well-appointed gentleman's retreat. A classic rug and vintage photographs add to the masculine appeal. But lush linens and fresh flowers make the room attractive to everyone.

Pattern Panache

Crisp white walls and trim and hotel-chic bedding serve as striking counterpoints to this bedroom's chocolate-brown wall. A geometric pattern ties the two main colors together, while yellow photo mats and throw pillows introduce a playful splash of color. Two X benches round out the foot of the bed, adding a modern punctuation point and portable seating to the room.

Oceanside Bedroom

Recalling the crest of a wave, the shapely headboard in this bedroom helps linens in dusty blue and beige to soar. A sea motif carried out in some of the accent pillows gives life to the subtle sun and surf theme.

Modern Touch

Keeping with the character of a warehouse-turned-condo, this bedroom is simple and sophisticated. A modern four-poster becomes architecture, while tactile bedding and contemporary artwork take the hard edge off.