Saturday, January 18, 2014

Marrying simple pieces with soft neutral colors gave this place warmth and fluidity. Sometimes it's just the little things that really make the difference. Here, simple window treatments and lush exotic pillows combine to add a subtle Asian influence with an overall result that is casual, comfortable, sophisticated and inviting. This design began with a breathtaking antique Japanese screen with a striking wisteria motif. The gnarled branch of the black vine is emphasized by the black lacquered furniture and accessories and reinforced through the dark-on-light palette. Clean lines and luxurious fabrics complete the design, resulting in a truly timeless spac... A subtle Asian influence is reflected in this living room. The interest is found in the blocks of color and the variety of textures. A two-sided Venetian Plaster fireplace wall also holds a recessed plasma screen. All television equipment, CDs and DVDs are stored in the dark-stained floor-to-ceiling cabinet that buffers the plaster from the red wall.

An elegant and opulent lounge was created using a hand-made 24 karat gold wallcovering imported from Japan, hand blown Italian glass pendants, luminescent glass tile in a lit niche surrounded by zebrawood as well as around a fireplace with a substantial cherry stained mantel. Custom upholstered lounge chairs share tulip

A large wall mirror expends the view of this inviting tropical living space. Photography by Francis Augustine.

The color on the wall makes this living room warm and inviting, and the dark wood tones are offset by the creams and reds which lends to an Asian feel.

Use different types of seating for a more sophisticated look. The sofas and chairs don't always have to be a maternity set. Consider a large ottoman for double duty or extra seating. Make your living room style complementary to the rest of your home so there is visual continuity.

In spite of the Zen-type minimalist, Asian style, in modern life beautiful ornate and very opulent items can be included in a design. Keep a room uncluttered with minimal furnishings.

This living room combines surreal and earthy elements with vibrant color for a stylish and unexpected effect.

Inspired by the antique Japanese screen and punctuated with a red leather coffee table, this classically modern space embodies balance and harmony. The walls, hand-painted to resemble linen, are the perfect backdrop for the natural fibers that are used exclusively in the room.

The coffee table in this living room has a beautiful wedge wood finish which makes a chic, exotic statement in the room. Its height fits perfectly with the low sectional sofa and also offers extra storage with its wide side drawers. The circular shape of the drum table brings warmth and comfort to the reading space in the room. It has clean

The Asian theme of this sitting area and office is carried through with bamboo, ceramic garden benches and collected pieces.

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